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Boys, Boys, Boys!

This beautiful mama found me on Facebook and somehow chose me over all the amazing photographers in our area to capture some family time together before a new little boy arrives in their lives. As the rain and hail poured down, we were worried that the weather wouldn't cooperate for our session, but thankfully we waited it out because a beautiful sunset awaited us!

This mama is - hello - gorgeous! And her boys and boyfriend are as well, right!? I mean, talk about a good looking group of people. The boys were SO sweet and cooperative, which is not all that common when photographing young kiddos. And despite us being swarmed by mosquitos all night (and then photoshopping them all out!), this was such a joy of a session for me. I just love how these images turned out and hope their family feels I did a great job capturing this moment in their lives. I'm sure the newest little guy will be very loved! Congratulations Heather!

Here's a peek at some of our photos:

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