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This Is Getting Real!

I'm finally taking the leap and turning my hobby into something productive (not that looking at the 25,000+ pictures on my personal computer isn't productive...)! After being the friend who has toted her camera near and far to capture memories, I decided to learn more about what it takes to not just document moments, but to actually make them come alive in beautiful pictures. And now, here I am! I've left a career in politics and teaching behind (for now) to spend time at home with my two little ones. Though I still have much to learn, I hope that my ever-growing skillset will continue to produce the kinds of photos that bring smiles to the faces of many families as we capture a moment in time.

Bear with me as this site gets up and running, and please pass my name along if you know someone interested in an affordable family session! I know how important photos can be, and I also know it can be hard to make room for them in the budget. Hopefully, that's where I can come in!

Thanks for visiting, and come back again soon!


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