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Watching M Grow

I've mentioned this before, but I happen to have some of the best neighbors anyone could have. We moved into our beautiful and charming neighborhood of Denver almost exactly four years ago, and our lives changed for the better as soon as we did! Everyone welcomed us with such open arms at the time and has grown to become our favorite thing about Denver: our community, our people. This beautiful family was some of the first people we met at a little Halloween gathering at a neighbor's home down the block (4 years ago, yesterday!). Their little man was just a tiny little baby at the time. Over the years, we've come to know them as some of the kindest, most caring and generous people around. They are full of so much joy and love for their little man, and their friendships are so authentic and genuine. Not to mention that Mom & Dad are both incredibly smart and gifted in their amazing fields of work as well. (I encourage you to check out to see just one of the organizations this mom supports in her work breaking stereotypes and barriers for people with disabilities.) They are such wonderful people.

All of that to say, it was so great getting to capture them in this season as little M grows older (and taller). We had a fun time running around City Park, and I'm sure he'll be another 6" taller by next year at this time :) Here's a peek at our session:

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