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The Hansons at Union Station

This beautiful couple told me they hadn't had their pictures taken in a LONG time, so it was such a treat to get to stroll around Union Station for an hour doing just that. The weather wasn't ideal (snow and clouds, very strange for Denver!) - AND we were reprimanded when I dared to use a flash, but we made the most of it and even had fun running through the flurries trying to get a shot here or there. These two are just about the kindest people you'll ever meet - can't you just see it in their eyes!?

Here's a few from their session:

Hansons December 2014 resized-4.jpg
Hansons December 2014 resized-2.jpg
Hansons December 2014 resized-6.jpg
Hansons December 2014 resized-7.jpg
Hansons December 2014 resized-3.jpg
Hansons December 2014 resized-5.jpg
Hansons December 2014 resized.jpg

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