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Fall at City Park

I met this beautiful couple at City Park this past weekend and had a great time getting to learn a little about them as we walked around enjoying the Fall colors. I hope these pictures were able to capture just how fun, loving, and spirited these two are! Sometimes this job doesn't feel like a "job" when I get to spend time with awesome people like this (even if they did go to K-State)... hehe. Here's a peek at these two, and isn't she just gorgeous?!

Cooks Fall 2014-27.jpg
Cooks Fall 2014-34.jpg
Cooks Fall 2014-7.jpg
Cooks Fall 2014-40.jpg
Cooks Fall 2014-50.jpg
Cooks Fall 2014-26.jpg
Cooks Fall 2014-42.jpg
Cooks Fall 2014-12.jpg
Cooks Fall 2014-47.jpg
Cooks Fall 2014-13.jpg

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