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Sweet Baby B!

I love getting to meet brand new babies!! Especially when it's to first-time parents. It's so fun getting to see the look of shock and awe in their faces, and watching them ever-so-tenderly holding their new little ones. And it's so fun seeing maternal and paternal instincts kicking in. Isn't it crazy how all of a sudden, one day, you're a parent?? Well these two are already SO fabulous at it, and it was so fun getting to see them at their home with sweet little Brockton. Both mom and dad are so full of love for this guy, and you can just SEE how great at loving him they are. What a treasure.

Here's a few pictures from our time! Little B had no interest in getting photos taken (like 99% of newborns), but thankfully just enough for us to get some sweet shots! Congratulations guys!!!

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