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Saying Goodbye to Boulder

This sweet family has big changes in store to close out their summer. Sara just finished her PhD at CU Boulder (WAHOO!!) and got a job as a professor at CU in the Springs. Smarty Pants. :) So they've packed up their gorgeous Boulder home (which included the most amazing wine cellar that Chad built!) and are moving all the way to Monument. It will be sad to not have them so close by, but let's be honest, two people with small children that live 30 minutes apart don't get to see each other that often (especially when one of those people was finishing a doctorate...)! But it was such a treat to take some final pictures at their home before they head off to start their new adventures!

Congratulations Calvert family!! Boulder will miss you :)

Here's a peek at our session:

(Oh, and they have a 96 year old neighbor who was a POW in WWII. How cute and amazing is this lady!?!? What an amazing story... we snuck in a few pictures with her for memory's sake. Loved it.)

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