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Blue Eyed Boy

I met this sweet family at City Park last week to snap a few photos before the weather got too cold. How amazing are this sweet boys' blue eyes?! I've been so lucky to meet such fun people from my neighborhood (thank you neighborhood FB page!), and this is just another example of the great folks who choose to make Park Hill their home!

Check out a peek from their shoot below:

Mann Fam resized-4.jpg
Mann Fam resized-11.jpg
Mann Fam resized-6.jpg
Mann Fam resized-8.jpg
Mann Fam resized-9.jpg
Mann Fam resized.jpg
Mann Fam resized-3.jpg
Mann Fam resized-2.jpg
Mann Fam resized-7.jpg
Mann Fam resized-10.jpg

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