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Gray Family at Chautauqua

I was lucky enough to meet the super adorable Gray family at Chautauqua Park up in Boulder this past week. The sun was starting to set, but no matter what time of day, Chautauqua is just about the most beautiful scenery around! Add these beautiful faces to the mix, and you get some special magic. Kristi is the older sister of my best friend from growing up, so I've known her a long time... and darn it if she doesn't just keep getting more beautiful with age. How does that happen!?! She and her husband have raised some of the sweetest (and cutest) kids around. Her little men are so kind-hearted, and their eyes will make you melt! Here's a peek at our fun shoot:

Gray Family for FB.jpg
Gray Family for FB-11.jpg
Gray Family for FB-4.jpg
Gray Family for FB-3.jpg
Gray Family for FB-5.jpg
Gray Family for FB-7.jpg
Gray Family for FB-12.jpg
Gray Family for FB-6.jpg
Gray Family for FB-10.jpg
Gray Family for FB-9.jpg
Gray Family for FB-2.jpg
Gray Family for FB-8.jpg

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