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Birthdays in Fall

I think October is a fabulous month for a birthday. And that's not just because my own birthday is on Christmas Day (so frankly any birthday other than that is fabulous to me) ;) Fall is so beautiful, and also slightly schizophrenic in Colorado - for instance, we have been in the 80s or close to it for many days this month. But the one day my son had to go to the pumpkin patch on a field trip with school? Well that day it was 40 and drizzling. Back to 70s the next day. Go figure.

There's something so fun about the wide variety of weather, the cool nights, the beautiful colors, the blue skies, the pumpkin patches... SO, imagine getting to have your birthday in Fall every year!! Well the littlest one from this family gets such a treat :) Sweet little G turned one last week and was celebrated by many friends and family in style. It was fun to get some family photos capturing this time in their family, the first of many October birthdays to come!

Here's a peek at our session with G and his family:

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