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End of Summer Fun (+ Bugs)

{Denver doesn't generally suffer from a bug problem, so when I say we had a lot of bugs during this photo shoot, it may not be a lot compared to the rest of the country. But still, there were a lot of bugs! Thank you photoshop.} Thankfully this awesome family was willing to brave the light rain and the swarming bugs, because we ended up with some super sweet photos! You may recognize this family from a session last year, and also because they are great friends of mine (who happen to be neighbors as well!). I feel so lucky to know them (and that they asked me to do their photos again!), they are some of the most joyful, kind, and thoughtful people I know! And their little ones are slightly older than my son and daughter, so I love seeing how their sibling love/rivalry plays out, almost like it's a glimpse into our future :) Thanks for the fun evening, friends!

Check out some photos from our end-of-summer session!

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