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My BFF Is Getting Hitched!

It's a really lucky thing in life to meet someone that you instantly click with. Especially when that person makes you laugh out loud and be yourself and think about the world in new ways. I was lucky enough to meet that friend almost 13 years ago when I was working on Capitol Hill (feels like a lifetime ago!). He was an intern in my office, and from day one, I knew we'd be friends. Sure enough, all these years later (filled with hilarious memories, a stint of being roommates, and some crazy hard times too), we are still as close as ever. Nevermind that when I drove away from DC with my soon-to-be husband seven years ago, we stopped at his house (last) to say goodbye, and I cried for hundreds of miles. Like sobbed. It's hard to leave a best friend, especially for a place thousands of miles away. But spoiler alert, it has all worked out. We still cherish our friendship. And I'm so thankful that this guy (and the Godfather to our son!) is still a part of my life. He is one of the kindest, sweetest, most genuine, and generous people I've ever met. I think everyone that has met him would agree.

Ok, cheesy part over. :) This handsome man is getting married later this year!! So while I was out in DC for a Cystic Fibrosis conference last weekend, we made time to (quickly!) take a few engagement pictures. I'm thankful that I adore his husband-to-be. He is like Bryan in many ways - kind, funny, easy to talk to - and I just pretend that he's not a wee bit younger than us ;) We didn't have much time as the sun was setting, but we got to cruise around the Tidal Basin and get a few great shots. It was hard to narrow it down to just a few for this blog! Love these two.

Enjoy a peek at these lovebirds:

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