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Love is Beautiful!

As luck would have it (or divine intervention most likely!), this beautiful couple reached out to me after getting my name from a neighborhood website. I always feel grateful when these things happen, particularly because there are SO many talented photographers in our area and threads like these get about 30-40 recommendations. Somehow, they landed on ME. (smile)

When I met Alison and Betsy to talk about their big day, I came to find out that it was actually their third big day. That's right! They had gotten a civil union previously and celebrated with both a private ceremony and a big celebration. But this time (thank you Supreme Court), they could actually get married. Since they've celebrated before, they wanted something intimate and personal, but casual and FUN. And they totally succeeded.

In the backyard of some dear friends, they joined their hearts in a marriage union with a small group of friends lovingly watching. Friends sang beautiful songs, friends led the beautiful ceremony, friends brought food and booze. I mean, if I could go back and do it all over, this might just be the way to throw a wedding!!

For a Saturday in February, I was expecting either a super sunny day or a huge blizzard. To be honest, a blizzard might have been a little friendlier to this photographer and the photos, but for everyone else, Alison and Betsy lucked out with a ridiculously gorgeous, warm, and incredibly bright winter day. Their day was filled with love, and SO. MUCH. JOY.

After getting to know these two a little better, I'm so grateful to now call them friends. We share a deep faith in Jesus and talked about how that faith influences our lives and work. We shared both our love and concern for the Church, but how at the end of the day we know that Jesus is not something the Church can create or dictate on its own flawed terms, but that He is the One who loves us all and calls us to love each other. (Betsy is also a brewer, so you know, score!) I'm thankful for their hearts and their courage to face difficult situations daily with love and kindness and a desire to implement truth and love everywhere they go. Rock on, sisters.

I was so honored to be a part of this ceremony and celebration. It was unique and quirky and FUN. These two are so great together. Love is so beautiful.

And what wedding is complete without a little jello cake? :-P

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