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Sometimes you meet people that you just click with right away. And sometimes you're lucky enough to meet that person and find out they live only a few houses away. And sometimes you're even luckier to find out that their kids and your own get to go to school together! I lucked out meeting this mama, Kate. She's been a rockstar friend to me in the short time we've known each other, and our kids just love each other which makes life even better. And since we walk to/from school together each day, it's definitely a good thing we like each other so much! She's got a heart of gold and is passionate about so many of the same things that I am. How often does that happen in our "old" age? ;)

So when she asked me to take a few family photos while they had some grandparents in town, I of course didn't hesitate. Plus, they're all pretty good-looking, huh? What a bunch!

Here's a peak from our shoot on a sunny and cloud-free evening:

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