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And bump makes four!

Sometimes things just click. In photography, clicking is having excellent light and easy-going clients who just happen to be photogenic and easy on the eyes. Now, most people are more photogenic than they think (that's why you hire a photographer, after all! A good one will bring the best out in you!). And everyone is beautiful. Really. Everyone. But lighting?! Ha, that's a hard one to get just right. It's a rare occasion that I get a beautiful evening for a family session. But this was just that night. It was the perfect trifecta.

Now, I already love this family, so my bias is full admitted, but seriously, how beautiful are they?! The cute kiddos couldn't be stuck with better genes. Their parents are not only beautiful, but kind, loving, generous, and smart on top of that. Take a peek at our awesome session together - I had a hard time just picking ten to share! I just love how these turned out. :)

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