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Natalie & Her Nursery

Back in January, I took pictures of this spectacular nursery (and a few of the sweet baby girl it was made for!). Natalie's mama is just about one of the most crafty and creative people I know, so it was so fun getting the chance to document her finest creation. Every inch of this room was put together with tremendous amounts of thought and love. Everything was done by her and her husband, and I swear this wasn't staged for a Baby Anthropologie catalog or something - it really IS this gorgeous. (A blogger asked to feature it soon, hence the need for pictures, so I'll be sure to include the link when that happens!) Isn't Natalie lucky to have such an awesome mama?? (And don't forget to enjoy a couple shots of Natalie around age 3 months... she's just a doll!)

Here's a peek at our shoot:

Natalie & Nursery for Blog-9.jpg
Natalie & Nursery for Blog-7.jpg
Natalie & Nursery for Blog.jpg
Natalie & Nursery for Blog-5.jpg
Natalie & Nursery for Blog-10.jpg
Natalie & Nursery for Blog-4.jpg
Natalie & Nursery for Blog-6.jpg
Natalie & Nursery for Blog-2.jpg
Natalie & Nursery for Blog-3.jpg
Natalie & Nursery for Blog-8.jpg
Natalie & Nursery for Blog-11.jpg

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