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Winter & A Baby Bump!

This beautiful couple is welcoming their first baby this Spring, and I was lucky enough to capture a few pictures of them in all of their first-baby-bump glory! It's been a tad cold here and there in Colorado lately, so our backdrop didn't make for the most beautiful setting, but I'm guessing you can't even tell because of how simply stunning this mama-to-be is in each picture! Plus, we were bathed in sunlight which made for some fun, artsy shots, don't you think? But gosh, who looks this good when they're pregnant?! :)

Here are a few photos of Linda & Brad (+ bump) along with the grandmas-to-be:

Linda + Baby Jan 2015 resized-7.jpg
Linda + Baby Jan 2015 resized-5.jpg
Linda + Baby Jan 2015 resized.jpg
Linda + Baby Jan 2015 resized-8.jpg
Linda + Baby Jan 2015 resized-3.jpg
Linda + Baby Jan 2015 resized-6.jpg
Linda + Baby Jan 2015 resized-2.jpg
Linda + Baby Jan 2015 resized-4.jpg

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