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Allison & Brad at Red Rocks

Wow, we live in a beautiful place. Have you been to Red Rocks? Have you been there in the winter? Well guess what, it's gorgeous :) A lot like this beautiful couple!

I met these two on a chilly Sunday evening just as the sun was going behind the mountains. The snow had fallen a day earlier but was still fresh and white, which made for a gorgeous backdrop for their engagement pictures! These two were so fun to work with, and I loved how their pictures show just how fun, laid-back, and in love they are. I'm especially honored to be taking pictures for their wedding later this spring. Won't she be a beautiful bride!?

Here's a peek at their shoot:

B&A resized-8.jpg
B&A resized-10.jpg
B&A resized-5.jpg
B&A resized-3.jpg
B&A resized-11.jpg
B&A resized-2.jpg
B&A resized-6.jpg
B&A resized-7.jpg
B&A resized-12.jpg
B&A resized-4.jpg
B&A resized-9.jpg
B&A resized.jpg

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