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Family Fun

If I haven't mentioned before, let me say it now that I have an amazing neighborhood. On our street alone we've made friends with seven other families, and we feel so lucky to know such great people in such close proximity to our home. One of those families happens to be the McCabes, who live just a few doors down from us and have two adorable little guys. The oldest has been so sweet playing with my little guy, and we love seeing them in the evening and playing football or jumping in leaves together!

But don't be fooled! Taking pictures of little men is no small task! These guys are full of energy and excitement, and the littlest buddy had no interest in the big black camera being stuck in his face. We perservered regardless, and thankfully got some cute shots of this great family!

Here's a peek:

McCabe Fam Fall 2014 resized-4.jpg
McCabe Fam Fall 2014 resized-8.jpg
McCabe Fam Fall 2014 resized-2.jpg
McCabe Fam Fall 2014 resized-3.jpg
McCabe Fam Fall 2014 resized-10.jpg
McCabe Fam Fall 2014 resized-11.jpg
McCabe Fam Fall 2014 resized-9.jpg
McCabe Fam Fall 2014 resized-7.jpg
McCabe Fam Fall 2014 resized.jpg
McCabe Fam Fall 2014 resized-5.jpg

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