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Meeting Baby Natalie!

I was lucky enough to be invited to take pictures of two ridiculously precious babies shortly after their arrivals this past month. There's nothing better than the euphoria of a new baby's arrival, and walking into a hospital room to greet the family and meet the newest little one is such an amazing feeling of joy! So count me doubly lucky/joyful that I got to do it not once, but twice, in a matter of weeks!

Here is a peek at sweet Baby Natalie the day after her amazing parents welcomed her into the world. She was long-awaited and much prayed for, and we're SO glad she's here! Beautiful, healthy, and perfect! Her mom and dad are two very special people full of love and life, and it was such a blessing for me to capture some of these sweet moments. LOVE. (Oh, and what is with Mom looking like she did not just go through labor at all!?! Lucky and gorgeous!)


Baby Natalie Arrives resized-9.jpg
Baby Natalie Arrives resized-5.jpg
Baby Natalie Arrives resized-3.jpg
Baby Natalie Arrives resized-2.jpg
Baby Natalie Arrives resized-4.jpg
Baby Natalie Arrives resized-7.jpg
Baby Natalie Arrives resized.jpg
Baby Natalie Arrives resized-8.jpg
Baby Natalie Arrives resized-6.jpg

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