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Calvert Family in Boulder

I used to work in Washington, DC. Have I mentioned that? Political junky here, yep. But not many people in Colorado are political junkies... which is probably a good thing! Still, I miss it and all that comes with it, so it was extra nice (during campaign season, no less!) to catch up with an old friend from DC who happens to live in Boulder these days with her sweet family and adorable 7 month old daughter. We met at the University of Colorado campus and had fun catching up and snapping photos in between busy students passing by. (I only graduated 11 years ago but felt quite ancient back on campus for some reason... maybe it's because I could barely remember where major landmarks were!)

Here's a peek at our session!

Calverts Fall 2014 resized-4.jpg
Calverts Fall 2014 resized-5.jpg
Calverts Fall 2014 resized-3.jpg
Calverts Fall 2014 resized.jpg
Calverts Fall 2014 resized-6.jpg
Calverts Fall 2014 resized-2.jpg

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