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Laura & Max

This beautiful couple reached out to me about doing some engagement photos - they got engaged a little over a month ago but wanted a few nice pictures together before the weather got too chilly! We met at Sloan's Lake and wandered around trying to find any of the lovely yellow leaves that might still be clinging to trees, and thankfully we found some great spots that resulted in some simple but beautiful pictures. A big congratulations to these two and their upcoming wedding in 2015!! Won't she be a gorgeous bride?!

Here's a peek:

L&M Fall 2014 resized-5.jpg
L&M Fall 2014 resized-2.jpg
L&M Fall 2014 resized-3.jpg
L&M Fall 2014 resized-6.jpg
L&M Fall 2014 resized.jpg
L&M Fall 2014 resized-7.jpg
L&M Fall 2014 resized-4.jpg

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