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Sometimes being a photographer is hard: starting a business is super hard (websites, business cards, marketing, finances, equipment...), drumming up clients is no easy task, and while I hope my pictures don't show it, photos do require a lot of editing to make all the beautiful people shine in just the right way. But every so often you get to experience something that takes the "hard" out of it. Like this session.

Turns out this beautiful family that I met at City Park for the shoot (their 12 month old daughter Iyla is even more adorable in person!) lives only three blocks from me. And not only that, but we had a ton in common and couldn't stop chatting the whole time! It was like some grander scheme was at play, and I'm so glad! (They even came over to join us for drinks the following evening!)

So here's to work that doesn't feel like work! Here's to new friends and beautiful families full of love and joy! And here's a peek at a few of our pictures from the shoot:

Marsh Fam Fall 2014 for FB-7.jpg
Marsh Fam Fall 2014 for FB-6.jpg
Marsh Fam Fall 2014 for FB-3.jpg
Marsh Fam Fall 2014 for FB-2.jpg
Marsh Fam Fall 2014 for FB-4.jpg
Marsh Fam Fall 2014 for FB-5.jpg
Marsh Fam Fall 2014 for FB-8.jpg
Marsh Fam Fall 2014 for FB.jpg

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