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Magee Family

Thanks to a wonderful referral from a fabulous neighbor, I had the chance to photograph the beautiful Magee family this past weekend. They have an adorable 14 month old, and though he (like every other toddler I know) didn't love having a camera in his face for an hour, he sure does shine at the right moments to capture some beautiful Fall pictures! It was so fun getting to know this family a little bit during our time in the early morning sun over in the Stapleton neighborhood of Denver, and I hope our paths cross again soon. Here's a peek at their shoot:

Magee Family for FB-3.jpg
Magee Family for FB-5.jpg
Magee Family for FB.jpg
Magee Family for FB-7.jpg
Magee Family for FB-2.jpg
Magee Family for FB-6.jpg
Magee Family for FB-8.jpg
Magee Family for FB-4.jpg

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